Yaelle, a new immigrant in Israel from France follows the sun and finds the love of her life. The movie is a moving, musical and poetic journey around the outside and inside world between Yaelle and Aya, a native from Israel. The camera captures intimate moments between these two young women as they document their life in Jaffa, Israel, the difficulties they're having with Yaelle's parents, their travels to Paris and their attempt to be accepted by Yaelle's French family.

This documentary takes you between despair and hope, showing courage and honesty alongside the price of freedom.

Documentary | 41 Minutes | English, French or Hebrew Subtitles

official festival selection

produced by comingout.co.ilby yaelle david and aya shwed
COPYRIGHT © 2012, Yaelle Shwed and Aya Shwed. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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